Apple iPad first of Several? New 15 Inch Model Coming Soon?

We thought that with the official announcement of the Apple iPad last week that it would put an end to all rumours about the iPad. However, we are still hearing several things such as the possibility of the device actually having a webcam built in. This particular rumour started because of an image captured at 9 minutes 9 seconds in to the Apple [AAPL] keynote speech last week where something was spotted in the top bezel of the iPad just above the screen. This small object could be just an ambient light sensor though although interestingly enough, MissionRepair received some iPad spare parts this week which an internal frame has a cut out that just happens to fit a MacBook webcam inside. Perhaps version two of the iPad isn’t far away.

The rumours don’t stop there though as the iPhone OS 3.2 also shows some reference for the iPad camera. A camera is not listed on the official specs although some are saying that the lack of a camera now could be due to a shortage of stock. It will be interesting to see if a webcam is in the line-up when the iPad is launched in a few weeks, but for now we believe it’s just a light sensor in that gap.

The next rumour comes from TechCrunch who have been speaking with a source about Apple currently working on a larger tablet device already. The new tablet will contain a larger screen perhaps measuring 15 inches and will run more like a Mac OS X based device rather than a big iPhone. Although the information is to be taken with a pinch of salt, TechCrunch do say we could expect to see an announcement in June this year.

Of course, it’s just another rumour which could be several months to a year away on becoming a reality (if at all). It will certainly be an interesting couple of years though seeing what happens with devices such as netbooks, smartbooks and of course tablets like the iPad, JooJoo and others.

Pictures below is the internal frame for the iPad with the camera slot cut out.

Via: Engadget, TechCrunch


  1. the local geek says

    you sure this is nothing to do with apple’s inherent ability to “skim” the market? looking at passed trends in apple products i can categorically say “when the sales from gen1 of the ipad start to dwindle gen2 with the cam and multi app functionality will arrive”

    apples marketing model is superb and only works because its target audience are consumers of the highest order !

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