Sony Ericsson X1 running Android

The Sony Ericsson X1 is normally a Windows Mobile based smartphone, however, this particular X1 has been modified and now runs a version of Android.

The video below gives a demonstration of how the X1 can handle the Google [GOOG] Android operating system. At the moment it isn’t quite up to speed with other Android based devices but mainly this is down to control of the device looking slow (maybe to do with the resistive touchscreen rather than capacitive) which makes gestures and flicks a little harder to achieve. Also the phone doesn’t seem as responsive when transitioning between different menus and functions. In saying that, it isn’t terrible by any means and it does look responsive enough to use.

As with all modifications like this, they often take a bit of time and give the developer who ported Android over to the X1 a few more weeks and the bugs should start to be ironed out.

Some details of how to do this yourself can be found over at XDA Developers. The thread starter does mention that it does actually run quite smooth, although from what I saw in the video it doesn’t seem to be the case just yet. Let us know if you manage to run Android on your X1 in the comments below.

The other alternative option is to just wait for the X10 Android based phone to be launched which should be with us soon hopefully.

Via: LeakDroid

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