Intel Atom N470 Processor Announced

The Intel Atom N470 has been officially announced. The announcement appears to have come a little early as the document is dated the 1st March. On to the details…

The Intel Atom N470 is a step up from the Intel Atom N450 CPU and runs at 1.83GHz along with housing 512Kb of L2 Cache. DDR2 667 memory is also supported by the new N470 CPU. Intel claim that the performance has been improved in the way of speed which is almost .2GHz quicker and it has been designed with more efficiency too which could further increase battery life on devices such as Netbooks that run it. The Atom N470 also has built in graphics allowing another performance boost for the netbooks it sits in.

It is unknown at the moment which OEM’s are signing up for the Atom N470 CPU, but Intel do say that major OEM’s are signing up which we assume will be the likes of ASUS, Samsung and all other companies who currently run the Intel Atom N450’s.

No netbooks that run this processor are known just yet although we expect that we will hear more at CeBIT that is being held next week where hopefully we will see some samples running with the N470 already in place.

Via: SlashGear

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