Google Nexus One arriving on Verizon March 23

Verizon [VZ] are planning to launch the Google Nexus One phone on to their network on March 23. The information came from a worker over at Google [GOOG] who wishes to remain anonymous according to neowin.

We already knew the phone was heading in the direction of Verizon, but until now we have only heard it will be launched Spring 2010.

Currently the Nexus One is only available on the T-Mobile network, so adding it to Verizon will bring some interesting competition. It is believed at this point that Google will continue to sell it the same way through Google only with themselves supporting hardware and after sales and leaving Verizon to tackle just the networking issues that may arise.

March 23 also fits in with the International CTIA wireless show which could lead to an official announcement and launch being held at the show. If the rumour is correct then all we need now is prices and tariff’s for the phone on it’s new network which should be revealed in the next few weeks.

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