ASUS Eee T101MT Hands-On

The ASUS Eee T101MT is an Intel Atom N450 netbook tablet that was first spotted a few weeks back. The ASUS T101MT recently started showing up various places to be reviewed.

The tablet has some fairly standard specs which include an Intel Atom N450 CPU with hyperthreading running at 1.66GHz. 2GB of RAM is included (on the review version) and for storage it uses a hard drive with a 320GB capacity that runs at 5400 RPM. The screen measures 10.1 inches and has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

For connectivity the netbook tablet has Wireless that connects up to 802.11n networks. The operating system running on the T101MT will be Windows 7 Starter although the review unit AllTouchTablet received was running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Ports on the casing include 3 x USB ports, a VGA output and Ethernet along with headphones, speakers and a memory card reader.

The early review says that the hinge feels sturdy although not reassuring that it will take the constant usage it will require. Other problems are the power button being awkward and the tablet being noisy due to the hard drive constantly working (even on the 2GB models). Also problems with precision on the touch-screen were noted in the review although ASUS claim it’s just a faulty screen unit. It will be interesting to see if the replacement fixes the issue or not.

From what potentially could have been a good tablet, it seems there are a few annoyances with it. Hopefully these get ironed out with a fully working review tablet. The full hands-on review can be found over here.

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