Smartbook Logo 3G is not a Smartbook

Smartbooks are usually classed as devices that have an ARM-based processor along with 3G connectivity built in. Their aim was to use a slower processor and have good connectivity allowing users to check email and surf the web. Companies have started building these lower priced Smartbooks and categorising them as Smartbooks. One such device is the Compaq AirLife 100.

A company called Smartbook have now come along and created a new notebook called Logo. The Logo is not a Smartbook though (well it is but isn’t if you know what I mean). Smartbook have created the Logo to be similar to Smartbooks, but the only similarities are that it has a 3G modem built in.

Features included in the Smartbook Logo are an 11.6 inch screen that has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The Logo runs an Intel CULV processor. Memory wise it has 1GB and for storage a 250GB hard drive. The battery will keep the Logo powered for 8 hours on a single charge. Other features include an HDMI output port.

When launched in Europe it will go on sale for ‚¬699 which is the equivalent of about $943 USD at today’s exchange rate. We should see the device when CeBIT opens up shortly. No release date is known yet but I expect it will be within a couple of months.

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