Nexus One Coming to Vodafone UK in April

The Nexus One from Google [GOOG] will be arriving in the UK in April according to news from the Telegraph. An exact date in April is unknown at the moment and pricing is also unknown although it is expected that the phone will be priced similarly to the Apple iPhone in regards to tariffs.

Just like Google have done with T-Mobile and soon Verizon, the Nexus One will go on sale direct from Google at rather than going on sale direct on the networks own sites or resellers sites. We assume that support will also be handled the same in that Google will be responsible for sales, after sales and technical support in relation to the hardware while network issues will be handled by Vodafone. It is also unclear if calls will be handled in the US for support, or if Google will take an email only support approach like originally when the phone launched in the US.

As for hardware specs, the Nexus One is packed full of some decent power. The CPU runs at 1GHz and is a Snapdragon processor. The screen has a high resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and measures 3.7 inches. Plenty of storage is also available on the phone. When launched over here it is assumed it will run Android 2.1 unless Google have a newer update up their sleeves. The Nexus One specs can be found here.

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