Android Developer Challenge 2 Results

android_adcStarting August 1st this year, Google opened up an Android Developer challenge to see who could come up with the best application. After a few months of developing the results are now in with the winners announced.

The winners of the Android Developer Challenge 2 are firstly an application called SweetDreams that allows you to automatically change your settings to aviod calls at night.

Next is the “What the Doodle!?” application that functions as a real-time online multiplayer game. The idea behind the game is that one player draws out a given phrase and other connected need to guess what is drawn.

Finally in the winners area is WaveSecure that protects the data and privacy of your Android based phone. The application allows you to track the location of your phone, track who is using it. Other features in WaveSecure allow you to remotely lock down your phone as well as back up data, remote wipe your phone and restore data.

A number of other applications were entered in to the Android Developer Challenge 2 that won in various categories such as Edicuatlional and Reference, Entertainment, Games, Lifestyle, Media, Productivity and Social networking. For the complete list of applications, check out the results page here.

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