HTC Hero Android 2.1 Available at XDA Developers

Hero-Android-2-1Yesterday we showed you some screen shots of Android 2.1 running on the Hero. The guys over at XDA Developers have managed to obtain a leaked copy of the OS and made it available for download on the Hero.

The installation of the ROM is fairly straight forwards although you will first need to root your phone. After that you simply run a backup, wipe the phone and install the new ROM.

As the procedure does involve messing with the ROM and installing the ROM we always recommend proceeding with caution as you might end up with an expensive brick.

Full details of the Hero 2.1 ROM can be found here along with the instructions and details of what does and what doesn’t work.

On another note, the guys over at XDA have also managed to get the ROM working on the Dream/G1 with full instructions available over here. However, it seems the download link isn’t available with what looks to be issues with logging in to Google when you first boot the phone. No doubt they will get that sorted soon.

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