Windows gets a new BSOD – the Black Screen of Death

Windows-7When booting up Microsoft Windows you may be having problems with what is being called a black screen of death. The black screen of death was reported after a number of users installed the latest patches on what has now been named Patch Tuesday. It seems that one of the security fixes actually causes a bit more damage rather than fixing a security hole.

At the moment, Microsoft are still looking in to the issue. If you are seeing a BSOD (black, not blue) and are just seeing a My Computer explorer window then luckily there is a fix thanks to Prevx (a security company).

The problem was first noticed by UK security company Prevx, which already offers a software fix. The folks at Prevx claim this is no small matter and that this ‘massively debilitating¬Ě issue could potentially affect ‘millions of Windows users.¬Ě However, no official fix is available from Microsoft yet.

The issue as of now does not seem to be effecting all users, although it isn’t limited to just one Windows Operating System. In fact, if you are using Windows 7 then you are still at risk.

For details on how to get a fix for this issue check out the Prevx site which goes in to the real technical details behind what has changed and why you only get the My Computer icon loading.

Via: Mashable

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