RED Scarlet Compact Professional Camera

Red-Scarlet-BackThe RED Scarlet is a digital camera aimed at professionals. The camera is more portable than other versions although it’s still very much geared to professionals. It is priced at $4750 and comes supplied with a fixed lens. If you opt for the body only then you can expect to pay $2750.

On the technical side of things the camera has a fixed 8x zoom or an interchangeable mount. Not much information is known about the lens although CrunchGear expect it will be a T/2.8 or so.

Included in the full kit is the LCD, Battery and other features. Everything is compatible with Epic modules allowing you to interchange the parts you need. On the official spec sheets there are also a number of fixed lenses available. Check the announcement out over here.




Via: CrunchGear


  1. There is a short film competition that has been launched by to win the Red Scarlet. Friggin Awesome!

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