LG GW620 Android Phone Website Launched

lg_gw620_official_8LG have launched a new website for their new LG GW620 Android based mobile phone. The mini site isn’t really complete yet as it just has the standard Latin? text running down the page. However, what it does have is a set of photos of the phone as well as a spec sheet and a couple of videos showing what the phone can do.

What we do see from the spec sheet is that it will connect on dualband UMTS at 900 and 2100MHz and quadband GSM. The specs also show that Wifi at 802.11b/g as well as Bluetooth and USB are options for connectivity. The phone measures 109 x 54.5 x 15.9 mm and weighs 139g.

The screen measures 3 inches and is touchscreen (resistive) at a HVGA resolution. A full QWERTY slideout keyboard can also be found on this device. Powering the phone is a 1500mWh battery that will provide 700 hours of standby time on GSM networks (625 hrs on 3G) along with 8.1 or 7.7 hrs for GSM/3G respectively.


The operating system will be a little behind times and run version 1.5 of Android (not 1.6 or even 2.0 which was just launched). The phone will use LG’s S-Class UI on top of Android which works well and will be a great move considering LG phones have often lacked the ability to be customised due to restrictions on their own OS… but putting S-Class over Android you get the benefits of both.

LG have also included SNS Manager (Social Networking Service) that connects Facebook and Twitter together in to the contacts applications. Photos captured and viewed can also be run through the facial recognition system to spot who is in the photo from your contacts.

The LG GW620 will be launched before the end of this year. Check out the image gallery and videos below.

Via: LG-GW620 and SlashGear


  1. Harish Shah says

    I just bought this phone from mnvcollections.com and I totally love it!
    A lot of people said the LG GW620’s battery has some issues. But I figured that if you have the right software for the battery then you are good to go.
    And I have even used the LG GW620 as a Torch recently and it works like a breeze.
    So if you like Android-based phones then you should buy the LG GW620.

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