Nintendo DSi LL 4.2″ Screen

Nintendo-DSi-LLA few days ago a rumour started going around about a new larger Nintendo DSi that was being created. Nintendo denied it, but now we heard that it actually is getting launched as the Nintendo DSi LL and will be priced at around $221 (conversion from Yen).

The Nintendo DSi LL will ship on November 21 in Japan and will have a 4.2 inch screen. The extra sized screen does make the whole unit a little larger and thicker too at 21.2mm compared to the 18.9mm of the previous model.

When shipping it will come in a choice of 3 colours which includes dark brown, burgandy and natural white. Battery life sees the unit powered for about 4 to 5 hours with maximum brightness set and can go from 13 – 17 hours on a single charge when set on it’s lowest setting.

It is unknown if the DSi LL will leave Japan and make it to Europe or the US but hopefully it will be made available this year.


Via: Engadget and Kotaku


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    wicckkkkeddd give me one for free

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