Dual Screen Netbook Concept Captured on Video

KOHJINSHAWhen working on a netbook you often run in to the problem of not having enough screen estate. To tackle this problem a company have created a dual-screen netbook that allows you to view two 10.1 inch screens side by side that then slide one behind the other when not needed. By giving you an extra screen you get more screen estate, thus making your work on a netbook a little more productive.

Examples of usage could be putting an Excel spreadsheet on the left screen while taking notes on the right screen, or perhaps browsing on one screen while watching a video on the second.

The netbook doesn’t look as flimsy as I expected from what I see in the video and actually seems to work quite well. It is unclear what battery life will be like on a dual screen netbook but if they can get that to be an acceptable level this thing “could” sell.

Specs wise it isn’t too much different to a regular netbook in that it has the familiar 160GB harddrive, 4GB of RAM (a bit larger than average) and a 1.6GHz AMD processor. The dual screen netbook will run Windows 7.

Via: Giz

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