Ideum Ultra-Wide Multitouch Table

ideum_ultra-wide_touchscreen_tableIdeum have created a multi-touch table that is designed to be ultra-wide and one of the largest tables of it’s sort created.

The new system has a 100 inch surface that provides an 86 inch visible and workable area and it is capable of detecting up to 50 touch points at the same time.

Having a resolution of 2304 x 800 along with a 16:5 aspect ratio it provides a decent quality image that several people can work to manipulate at the same time. The multitouch table is installed at the Space Chase Gallery in Nashville and has been programmed to represent different waves in the EM spectrum and give a display related to the location installed.

Other uses could see a unit like this used in a mobile phone show for example where several customers could work on the same screen area and look up phones and specs of phones.

It is unknown at this time how much the setup costs and if it is being made available other than a few locations. To get a feel for what is achievable on this unit check out the video below showing the system working.

Via: SlashGear

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