Nintendo DSi LL vs Nindendo DSi Comparisons

Nintentdo-Dsi-LL-ComparisionNow that the new Nintendo DSi LL has been made official it’s time to see a real comparison of what it is like compared to it’s smaller brother, the DSi. The image above shows the systems sat next to each other. The image below (after the video) shows what the DSi LL looks like compared to a Nintendo Wii game box… ie, it’s quite large.

We also heard yesterday that Nintendo are launching the new LL in the US early next year which is good news for those wanting a slightly larger hand-held gaming system for whatever reason.

The video below shows the news report which shows the DSi LL running and what it is capable of. It actually looks quite good although I’m not so sure on the choice of colour here.

Image comparison of the DSi LL vs Wii Game Box…


Via: Kotaku


  1. I freakin want that Nintendo DSi LL!! Can’t wait ’till it comes out, so that I’ll sell my Nintendo DS lite and buy that one instead. If it blocks flash-carts, I’ll be disappointed and rather not buy it. I heard its 20,000 Yen in Japan. Probably around $220 in America, then.

  2. I would like to buy it too. Cause the bigger display size and longer battery life.

    Can’t wait too.

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