Android 2.0 Ported to T-Mobile G1

t-mobile-g1-android-2.0Android 2.0 is almost upon us with the launch of the new Motorola Droid. However, someone has already managed to port the new operating system to the older T-Mobile G1 / Dream.

The port isn’t the greatest to be honest as it was just a direct port with no optimisation at all, but we’ll forgive them for that as it was achieved before the official launch. Although we say it’s not very well optimised it still actually runs quite well although a bit jerky on screen transitions.

Although not available now to port to your rooted G1, I expect that someone over on XDA forums will create a ROM with it soon for G1 owners, so keep an eye out for it now.

On to what’s new in Android 2.0… the whole operating system appears to be similar in someways but with a lot more control over what happens. Interesting features show that you are able to more quickly connect up bluetooth devices and so much so that you can even send graphics smoothly from one 2.0 phone to another 2.0 phone. New API’s have been created for contacts as well as for other features and of course the big one is Google Maps Navigation that was announced a few days ago.

Check out the video below to see it all in action.

Via: Engadget and HDBlog

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