iPhone Bionic Eye Augmented Reality Application

bionic_eyThe iPhone 3G S has got a new application being made available that uses augmented reality. It is called Bionic Eye and uses AR to overlay information on to a real-time camera view. Local information of the surrounding area is displayed from a POI database and it lets you see where your nearest restaurant is for example.

Other POI (points of interest) could include wi-fi hotspots, trainstations, hotels and many other categories. The current database has over 100,000 entries in there which covers various US cities along with the UK, France and Tokyo making it quite a cool application if you happen to live in one of those areas.

Data is pulled from the database if the POI is less than 1km away from you. The phone uses the iPhone 3G S’s built in compass so that it can put the data on the camera feed correctly. If you happen to use an older iPhone which doesn’t have a compass built in then the application still works, but you are unable to use the camera view and instead, you are stuck with google maps to wander around.

The application costs $1 and is available on the iTunes store.

Via: SlashGear

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