Google Android Modder gets hit with a Cease & Desist

cyanogenA popular modder who created Cyanogen, the modded Android ROM, has been recently hit with a cease and desist from Google telling him to not distribute closed-source applications. This includes Gmail, Maps and Youtube that are often part of his roms.

Cyanogen is a ROM that runs on phones like the G1 which is already designed to run those applications, so it seems a little odd that Google are trying to prevent it. One other problem is that Android Market is supposedly closed source too, so even if the ROM was installed then you might struggle to actually get to download the applications. Maybe google and Cyanogen can work something out together.

The transcript from Cyanogen went like so…

[20:03] google just cease and desisted me
[20:15] cyanogenmod is probably going to be dead
[20:16] i’m opening a dialogue with them
[20:20] no they are talking specifically about the closed-source google apps
[20:20] and how i am not licensed to distribute them
[20:20] my argument is that i only develop for google-experience devices which are already licensed for these apps
[20:20] so we’ll see what they say
[20:20] maybe we can work something out
[20:24] maps, market, talk, gmail, youtube

Via: Android and Me, Cyonagen found here. Via: Engadget

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