Sega Genesis Handheld – 20 Built in Games have a cool Sega Genesis available that has 20 pre-loaded games built in. It allows you to play classics from the 90’s with games such as Sonic, Ecco, Golden Axe to name a few.

The Genesis has a 2.4″ screen as well as the directional pad to the left and A, B, C buttons to the right of the screen. It’s not the most attractive design, but considering it is home to some of the greatest games I can live with that.

The Portable Genesis costs $50 and is available from Buy.

Via: CrunchGear


  1. When I was read the TITLE…i thought one more portable gaming console….but it is a great deal for $50….i am a video game addict….for me…i cant get a better offer….cheers sega…

    thank you for letting me know….

  2. There are a limited number on ebay right now for $44.99 + Free Shipping.

  3. Bleepbloop says

    You can get a better version at, its got the same games, 6 buttons, SD CARD SLOT! plus rechargeable battery

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