Become a Jedi with the Star Wars Brain Trainer

star_wars_brain_trainingThe Star Wars Brain Trainer allows you to actually use the force. When you are now told to “Use the Force…” you actually can with this gadget.

The Brain Trainer puts you on the Jedi training path by using your mind to move a ball up and down a training tower by just thinking about it. The jedi trainer makes use of a headset that reacts to changes in your brainwaves. All you need to do is simply think and concentrate as much as possible and you will see results.

As well as seeing results you will also occasionally hear Yoda’s voice sharing with you some of his wisdom to help you along the way.

Star Wars Brain Trainer Features

* The Star Wars Brain Training Game reads your brainwaves to make the ball move up and down
* The headset reads your Beta brainwaves as you concentrate on mentally moving the ball up and down the Training Tower
* Uses exclusive sound effects and Yoda’s voice!
* The Training Tower measures approx 40 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm
* Ideal Star Wars gift for ages 8 to 180!

Available in September 09 from Find me a Gift costing £129.99.


  1. harveststorm says

    Wow this is a nice toy to have. But just wonder will it have side effect? :-p

  2. Armanstein says

    Now that indeed is a nerdy/geeky gift. No doubt about it.

  3. Brain Testing says

    The star wars brain training games are really wonderful. They are truly effective in developing one’s concentration and memory power.

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