Modu Phone Changes Functions with New Cases

moduModu have created a tiny phone that has interchangeable cases that allows different features to be used. Examples of cases could include a music based case that would move the phone to show more music features, or the GPS case which would allow for navigation to be used. The Modu phone is also the lightest phone.

As of now, four casings are available. The phone it’s self is quite basic in that it has just a 1.3 inch OLED screen, Bluetooth, (no wi-fi) and it isn’t even 3G.

The music jacket mentioned above will also feature a larger JBL speaker and a touchscreen jacket will allow the 1.3 inch screen to be controlled by screen input.

At 1.41 oz, Modu lives up to its pitch as the lightest and smallest phone. The device has five navigation keys and the two standard green and red call buttons. But the overall experience is disappointing, says Mobo.

‘The UI (user interface) design looks a little tired, says the site in its review. ‘The screen on our set showed a distinctive green tint which didn’t make things any better.

The phone is available with 1 jacket and costs $130.

Although the Modu is certainly unique, I am not sure if the appeal of having to switch the phones jacket each time you want a new function is really practical. I’d much rather just have everything in 1 device.

More details and a hands-on can be found here.

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