Asus Blu-Ray USB Drive

asus-blu-ray-usb-driveAsus have created a new Blu-Ray USB Drive. The drive has a read speed of 4.8x for BD’s and can read/write CD’s and DVD’s. Unfortunately it does not write BD’s though.

The Blu-Ray drive, numbered ASUS SBC-04D1S-U comes with a stand allowing it to be mounted vertically if needed. The downside of the drive (apart from the no writing BD thing) is that it’s tray loading rather then slot which I would have more expected with this unit.

Asus Blu-Ray SBC-04D1S-U Features

* Max. 4.8X BD-ROM/R/RE (SL)(DL)/ 8X DVD-ROM(SL)(DL)/8X DVD+R/ 8X DVD+RW – Read
* Max. 8X DVD+R/ 8X DVD+RW – Write
* Max. 5X DVD-RAM Read & Write

* Turbo Engine increases the connection performance between the USB cable and the external drive.

* Disc Encryption allows you to password protect an entire disc or its partial content.

* BluTuner is a software that allows you to adjust the brightness level for the external blue light while reading BD discs and reading/writing DVD and CD formats.

Available soon although no pricing or dates are available just yet.

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