Objet Connex350 3D Printing System

We recently received details on a new 3D printer from Objet. The printer is named the Connex350 and is a multi-material 3D printing system which creates some stunning results. With the Connex350 being multi-material it is capable of printing a 3D object, with different materials in just a single build process.

The 3D printer can use flexible, rigid and rubber materials to print which create models with up to 2 different materials at the same time. The materials are jetted in preset combinations to print the objects.

The results are very good. The sample model we got is both rigid in areas as well as flexible in others and shows a good example of what can be created. Although 3D printers are still in their infancy it seems, this particular model of printer (the Connex350) has made a significant step forwards. Now that a dual material print is possible it only opens up to even more materials being able to be printed to create even more detailed and complex prints.

Uses for such a printer could be in an office environment for example where you could print any 3D object you need. Research and development departments will probably make very good use of the Connex350 as they could easily create a 3D model of a new product they want to build and rather then hand make or send off the plans for another company to create, they could use a machine like this to print an object right away in a shorter space of time. With the 3D printer printing objects as layers it also allows for some very unique shaped objects to be created from a single mould rather then 2 more more moulds attached together.

Sample images are below of the flexible hat on the springy character we received as well as the detail that can be seen in the buttons.

Details of the 3D printer can be found over on Objet.



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