Intova Waterproof Aluminum LED Torch Flashlight

Honestly when I first realized had sent a torch for us to review I was a little miffed, as a gadget site I was expecting something more, well gadgety.

Simply put this LED torch is amazingly efficient, the light output from the single 3 watt Luxeon LED is like nothing I’ve seen from any other LED bulb. I own a handful of mag lites, and another small flashlights with 7 LED’s, and the truth is that they are lame compared to this torch, I actually feel ripped off that I paid good money for the others ( more than this Intova torch costs ).

You can’t drown this thing

This stylish torch is constructed of anodized aluminum which gives it a nice comfortable weight and the magnetic switch ensures you’re not going to knock it on or off by accident.

Here’s the really cool part, it’s waterproof, so of course I had to test out that claim, Intovia claim it is waterproof up to 120 meters but unfortunately I couldn’t find anywhere to free dive that far down so I just put it in the sink , the bath tub, a puddle, and then took it up to the pools where we live at midnight, please excuse the dirty pools, it is debris left over from a tornado that touched down close by. They are able to keep this thing working under water with the help of their triple o-ring design.


I’m glad didn’t include a return to sender envelope because this has become my new favorite flashlight. When we recently lost electricity due to the tornado, this torch provided enough light (65 lumens to be exact) to light a whole room, it actually worked better than a Coleman camping lantern we have.

I have been playing with this torch for about 2 weeks now and only downside to it I can bring up is that it doesn’t have an adjustable beam, that said, it’s still the best torch I have ever owned ( the 2 CR 3 volt batteries have lasted forever ), and it will definitely be used on my next camping trip, the next time I’m working on my car, and the next time a tornado causes us to lose electricity at 3 a.m.

The Intovia Waterproof Aluminum LED Torch Flashlight currently costs $25.99 (13% saving on the full price).


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    Intova Waterproof Aluminum LED Torch Flashlight

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