Etiquette Checker helps you spot Bad Breath

If you are self concious and need to carry a USB Mirror Card Reader around, then you might as well get an Etiquette Checker to go along with your purchase.

The Etiquette checker allows you to check your breath to see if it’s good or bad. The checker has an LCD screen which gives off a scale of 1 to 6 with 6 being extremely bad breath. To work the device you simply breathe in to the sensor located on it, and immediately, you will be presented with your bad breath score. Be sure to have some chewing gum handy should you hit a 6 before your important meeting. As well as checking for bad breath, the Etiquette checker can test for alcohol levels in your body.

The Etiquette checker costs $59.

Via: TechChee


  1. I think I’ll get the Breath checker instead, it is cheaper. Although this device looks cool

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