Organic LEDs in Wallpaper

A breakthrough by GE (General Electric) in OLED technology could now see organic LED’s being printed on to wallpaper. GE managed to find a way to allow OLED’s to be printed on to very thin surfaces.

An adjustment to the way the OLED’s are printed still needs to be fine tuned as right now, the results will not be cheap. Should GE find a way to produce this technology quicker you can expect to see them shortly after, and at a good price.

Efficiency is also key here with GE looking in to making the OLED’s a better option. The industry benchmark for this type of stuff is 15 lumens per watt (lm/W) and GE have managed to achieve 30lm/W. The target GE have is getting them to 100 lumens/W.

The OLED “Wall paper” should be with us in a couple of years time in 2010 if things carry on the way they are going. It should make everyone’s home a little brighter 😉

Via: TechChee

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