256Gb SSD Drive

256Gb_SSD_DriveSuper Talent, a company you may not have heard of before, has created what it claims to be the “worlds thinnest” SSD drive. This is quite a bold claim and unfortunately it is not really the thinnest, but rather the thinnest at this large capacity of 256Gb.

The drive measures 12.5mm which is actually larger then a standard PC card slot on the side of a laptop which is unfortunate. Some will be able to use the card if they have a double slot, but for most it wont be an option. Prices of the SSD drive are only given out by request which makes you think it will probably require a mortgage to buy, and if you can afford that then you can probably buy a new laptop that it will comfortably fit in.

Once you get over that little hurdle you have a very large in capacity SSD (solid state drive) which has access times of just 0.1 milliseconds, can write at 50MB/S and read at 65MB/s.

The drive is code named the FSD56GC25H and will be available soon.

Via: GadgetSpy

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