Tetris Chairs

Tetris_ChairsTetris came in to the light back when it came bundled with Nintendo’s GameBoy back in the 1980’s. The game was simple in that several blocks made from 4 squares scrolled down the screen and you had to make solid lines to get rid of them before they hit the top of the screen. The game was designed by a Russian computer engineer named Aleksei Pazhitnov and has been a classic ever since in various shapes and forms.

If you loved the game so much then you can now own a TT chair which is shaped like a Tetris block. Several versions are available to buy so you can collect all the blocks.

The chair comes in 6 different colours and is available from Rakuten costing a huge $235 for each chair. This price does not include any shipping charges.

Via: InventorSpot


  1. Actually they only offer one version, one block, in several different colours. I also did not see them actually use the word tetris anywhere, nor do the chair actually look much like a tetris piece. The best description I can come up with is “it’s vaguely L-shaped”.

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