SwoofTronic Pi – Light Controlled Sound

SwoofTronic Pi
SwoofTronic Pi is a light controlled sound/audio device which you control with your hands. Light sensors on each controller vary the pitch and tone length according to how much light is let in. Let more light in on the right box and the pitch (frequency) will be increased. On the left if you let more light in then the length of the note played is increased.

SwoofTronic Pi 1
Mixing the movements of blocking light together you get some unique soothing sounds coming from the SwoofTronic Pi.

SwoofTronic Pi 2
The light sensors have 3 ways of working. The first is to use the ambient light in the room. However, if it’s dark then you can use the LED’s on the side of each box to light up the other boxes sensor. The other option is to use a small LED key ring to change the sound.

I can kind of see the SwoofTronic Pi being addictive but possibly annoying for those around you. The good news is that there is a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can keep others happy while you mellow away in random soundness. For a full “Sinclair Spectrum style” demo, check out the video after the jump.

SwoofTronic Pi is available from Etsy and costs $65.

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