Mini Candy Grabber for the Home

candy grabber
Grabbers at amusement parks are often annoying as you very rarely win anything and spend a fortune for nothing. This mini candy grabber allows you to put all your left over Christmas chocolates inside and grab them, but for free. You get supplied with some fake coins to use and I guess if you were feeling nasty you could always charge your office friends to have a go. You get 1 minute 15 seconds to grab the chocolate per coin and the tacky music speeds up towards the end. If successful you hear an applause. The hole in the top is too small to cheat and grab sweets although with it being desk top sized you can always just flip it over and shake it to get your sweets back.


* A desktop Candy Grabber, fairground-style.
* A claw that you manoeuvre around to grab your sweet treats.
* Three joystick style controls, moving the grabber-forwards and backwards, up and down, and contracting and releasing the claw.
* Fairground music that lasts for one minute and fifteen seconds.
* A bag of fake coins.
* A slot to fill the machine with goodies.
* Suitable for ages 5 years+.
* Requires 3 x C Batteries (not included).
* Size: 32 x 21 x 16cm.

The mini candy grabber is available from IWOOT and costs £17.95.

Found Via: Gadgets Club

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