Zeon Polariser Film Boosts LCD Contrast 10X

Zeon have created a new film for polarising plates that will boost the contrast of the LCD image by at least 10 times. The company also have created a similar kind of film for OLED based screens too.

If companies decide to use the film and it does what Zeon claims it does then images will be even more clearer than they are now.

The film is referred to as the phase difference film and is made of Cyclo Olefin Polymer that is compatible with IPS (in-plane-switching) technology.

Zeon are going to mass produce the films this year and they will be available on TV’s generally over 40 inches in size. As well as increasing the contrast the film also can widen the field of view according to reports.

Via: CrunchGear and The Nikkei – Subscription based.


  1. what an amazing TV

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