The Mega USB Hub

Now this Mega USB Hub thing truly is Mega. I came across it on Techeblog. It’s no less then a USB Hub to connect 31 of your USB devices to your PC. No instructions or anything on this one. I guess there isnt much else to add to the story except what has already been said… connect 31 USB devices 🙂

usb_hub_1.jpg usb_hub_2.jpg



  1. How does it connect to the computer? when it has 31 ports speed is not something i would want to lose.

  2. Looks cool, and very functional, but like you said, how does it plug in? And the speed? I definitly do not want that to be affected. I would definitly like to see some more about this, or something a little more detailed.

  3. it has 16

  4. It’s actually 31 as Trym and the article mentioned. 16 on one side and 15 on the other with one at the top used to connect it.

  5. It probably connects with 1 USB. Speed woudn’t be an issue for most people, I don’t think, because I doubt anyone will be running 31 things at once. If you’re anything like me, you have lots of usb stuff, a laptop with 3 usb ports, and don’t like to unplug and plug in a whole bunch of things. This makes it so you plug something in once and you’re good to go—don’t use any until you want to, but have up to 31 options instantly available.

  6. Would be better if it was firewire as that bunnyhops better than usb currently…saying that i dont think i could afford 28 more firewire devices

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