iTech Virtual Keyboard

prokey_lg.jpgThe iTech Virtual Keyboard has been around quite a while now in the UK. This small BlueTooth enabled device can act as a keyboard on any flat surface. The iTech Virtual Keyboard projects an image of a keyboard on to the desk in front of you and uses a sensor located at the base to track where your key presses are and then sends them via BlueTooth over to the Pocket PC or Mobile phone etc… which puts it on the screen.

Available from Amazon.

  • Infrared Projector Keyboard – projects a keyboard template onto any flat opaque surface.
  • Runs off mains or battery (2 hour run time per charge).
  • Works with laptops, PC’s, Windows Mobile, Palm OS5 and Smartphone (device must have Bluetooth enabled!).
  • Main unit has sound effects control, intensity of projector keyboard, time out settings (to conserve battery life), key sensitivity.
  • Size: 9 x 3.5 x 2.5cm
  • Specifications:

  • PC Windows 2000 or Windows XP required for installation of drivers onto PDA or other handheld device.
  • Keyboard drivers for PDA or other handheld device or smartphone will be transferred from your PC.
  • Detection Rate – Up to 400 characters per minute.
  • Detection Algorithm – Multiple keystroke support.
  • Effective Keystroke – Approximately 2mm.
  • Battery Capacity – 120 minutes continuous typing.
  • Contents:

  • Infrared keyboard projector
  • Carry case for projector
  • Mains adaptor
  • 2 x mini-format CD-Rom’s for driver installation
  • Instruction manual/quick start guide.
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    1. Dr. G. B. Greitzer says

      I have been using the VKB for my Treo 650 for some time. I recently moved up to the Palm Pre.
      Is this device compatible with the web OS?

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