iFire 2CM Thick HD LCD TV

Electronics company iFire based in Toronto have introduced a super thin (just 2cm) High Def LCD TV. (Image below). The TV is 37″ and weight a light 2.2 pounds which is very impressive!


iFire use a new technology called “thick-film dialectric electroluminescent” (TDEL) and uses fewer materials, thinner glass and fewer electronics then the Plasma screens. The screen uses energy from a Blue light source (a sheet of phosphor) which energise Red and Green pigments and the combination mixing with the Blue displays the picture.

The unit only costs $300 to make at the moment which gives competition to the other types of screens available. Mass production is planned for 2007.


  1. I am interested in this technology, can I see a demonstation in NYC, I would also be interested if it will be availible for purchase in the very near future.
    and do you also have stock yet….
    Thanks, sounds great…

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