Cool Office Slide

Office Slide
This is a picture of a cool office slide at a company I believe is called Infosys. It sure does beat using the lift or stairs. 2 more pictures after the jump.

I think I need to persuade the bosses here to get something like this.

Office Slide

Office Slide

Even more pictures can be found at FrogView.


  1. i really like it!!!
    and i want to know
    where it is?
    what its name?

  2. All I know is that it’s a company named Infosys. Unfortunately no other details were available. I will keep hunting though.

  3. duh…It’s an installation at the Tate gallery in London…

    whoever told you it’s an office building..?

  4. Rosemerie Campos says

    OMG(oh my gosh) this is the coolest office building ever. when my multi-million dollar corperation kicks off i hope my office building is as cool as yours.

  5. That’s the Tate Modern gallery in London, not at office.
    The slide was part of an exhibition there.

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