Ematic MP3 Video Player with Digital Camera

ematic-4gb-video-mp3-playerThe Ematic 4GB Video MP3 player allows you to watch movies, listen to music and capture photos and video with it’s built in camera.

It has 4GB of memory built in allowing you to store around 2300 songs, 20 hours of video and up to 5000 photos. By using a MicroSD card the memory can be increased by another 8GB up to a total of 12GB of storage. The device has a 2.4 inch colour display to display the menus, movies and images. The camera can capture images at 2 mega pixels and features such as B&W, Sepia and other effects are included.

It’s not a bad device for the money and handy with the built in camera. Available from Amazon.


  1. Screen Sleuth says

    For $67? Yes, this is a good deal, to say the least. Hopefully not in pink though.

  2. this is now priced at $49 @ walmart.com, however although it is pretty cool, it has some serious issues
    1- you can’t organize music! music is displayed on the list in the order that it was added. So, you literally have to click the button (no scrolling feature) a million times to find your song- if that is, you remember where you out it. Mine often freezes on a particular song.
    2- Cheap feel. It feels VERY cheap, like a toy. This can be an advantedge as it is lightweight.
    3- Delicate!!! It scratches easy, a simple touch to the screen will cause a huge smudge, mine has a broken back button, and I don’t know how It broke.
    4- Camera has no flash, so it is only good in bright light.
    5-notepad is virtually useless since typing on this thing is so complicated and difficult. You could always type something on your computer and transfer it to the mp3player, such as phone numbers, but typing with it is very complicated and difficult.
    6- You really can’t watch any videos on here except the ones you took. I’ve tried converting a movie into the proper format, it didn’t work because it was an “exceptional file” so I tried half a movie in one file, same thing. Then I tried a music video, and surprise surprise, same thing!!

    If you can get past those 6 “quirks” this little player is amazing, especially for the price!!

  3. ivettefranco47374 says

    i love this to thnx guys mine is perfect the way it is

  4. the camera keeps pausing when i try to take a photo(but doesn’t) but the video works.anyone know what to do?if yes pls reply.

  5. i cannot get the camera to work

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