The Best Digital Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorder
What makes this Digital Voice Recorder “the best”? According to Hammacher, this digital voice recorder gives superior playback clarity at distance. Testing of this digital voice recorder was done at 20 feet away from a source and proved to have better sound clarity then any others that were tested along side. It achieves this with a variable control voice actuator which can set the correct volume level to record at.

record voices without obscuring Ps, Bs, and Ss up to 40′ away, 10′ more than the nearest tested model. The recorder is easy to set up for initial recording a nd its built-in 256MB memory allows it to record up to 66 1/2 hours in LP mode.

It connects to a PC via USB allowing you to transfer the audio easily. Powered by AA batteries it can record up to 32 hours before needing a recharge.

Product Page $169.95

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