iPod in Disguise

iPod Walkman
The iPod can be a much desired item for the thief. They stand out with their white ear phones and wires and occasionally make for an easy target.

This iPod disguise hides the iPod in an old Sony Walkman from back in the 80’s. The cassette that can be seen through the clear plastic on the front is also fake which makes it look even more real.

iPod Walkman Tape

iPod Walkman Open

For more pictures check out sirljohns’ photostream on Flikr.


  1. If you really want to disguise it, get rid of the white earbuds. They are a COMPLETE giveaway!

  2. I agree with airship. I remember when portable CD players were cool and the average set of headphones was black.

    It’s even to the point where other MP3 players, like my Zen Micro, come with white headphones! I went out and replaced them with a far superiour pair of black earbuds.

  3. I agree too about the white ear phones. However, quite a few gadgets have them now, even the Sony PSP has had them a few years.

    With this being a home made hack at an old walkman then if anyone wants to built one then just dump the white headphones for the black (better quality ones).

  4. apple pie recipe says

    Wow.. that walkman is crazy old! Sad thing is, I bet it was worth a mint (if it still worked) before it was dismantled.

  5. I disguised my ipod as a 1975 Ford Pinto. No one comes near it.

  6. If I were so inclined, I think I would be more apt to steal that relic of a walkman than a common ipod.

  7. I think that this is a great idea and think that these disguises should be sold

  8. I’m with Ryan. The old walkman would definitely go for more on ebay than a stupid ipod. I’d totally swipe it.

  9. What would really impress me is if the buttons worked. You would have to find room for a remote plug on the bottom of the pod, and wire it to the buttons.

  10. Actually, those walkmans go for about $20. I have one of the yellow water resistant ones if anyone’s interested… (works like it was new – damn Sony made good stuff in the 80’s)

  11. Just one question? WHY!?!?

  12. I just stumbled this post, and in the process became a bit scared. Apparently stumble upon can read minds now. I was driving home from Philly today and got to thinking that there should be some kind of iPod camo. Although my idea was a bit different, this is to close for comfort. SU is in my head 0_0

  13. I don’t remember the link now, but I’ve seen another guy do this the other way round; he made a walkman look like a walkman!

  14. Well that sounded stupid, I meant to say:

    “I don’t remember the link now, but I’ve seen another guy do this the other way round; he made a walkman look like an iPod!”

    Sorry about that, I haven’t had lunch yet.

  15. novabeatnik says

    Those Walmans are pretty rare and cost as much as an ipod shuffle

  16. Cool idea but personally, if I had an iPod i’d kinda want it to be stolen..

  17. Dude,I don’t want more pictures of it,I just want to buy it;-)!

  18. Hilarious, the only advantage of an iPod over it’s rivals is that it looks like an iPod. If you’re going to disguise it why not just buy something better value in the first place?

  19. nice idea.

  20. i love it!i want one for me 😀

  21. DUUUDE! thats a-ma-za-zing!! i want one sooooooooooooooo bad!!!

  22. itouch apps says

    That looks amazing – any designs for an iPad?

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