The World’s Smallest Automatic Umbrella

The worlds smallest automatic umbrella is extremely compact in design when folded up and when needed, it opens up to a 40 inch diameter to protect you from the rain.

Opening it takes just the push of a button. Likewise, to collapse it down to its compact size (8 inches) for storing, it also takes just the push of a button.

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Interactive Glow in the Dark T-Shirt

Glow Threads has started a Kickstarter project to raise funds for an interactive Glow in the Dark T-Shirt. The T-shirt appears to be coated with a material that glows when put under certain types of light such as a supplied keyring light or optional UV laser pointer. The effect lasts for about 1 – 2 minutes normally and slowly fades away with time ready for you to add another doodle on to the shirt.

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Minecraft Creeper Mug

The Minecraft Creeper Mug has been designed for fans of the Minecraft game. The Creeper Mug is officially licensed and brings the blocky appearance to your desk.

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Mars GigaPan image uploaded for your perusal

The image below is a collection of images taken by the Curiosity rover on Mars. The view is 360 degrees and allows you to zoom closely in to rocks and even to the mountain seen in the distance.

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Raspberry Pi used for light painting

The Raspberry Pi can be used for a number of applications from a media centre to a light painter. The latter can achieve some incredible results as can be seen below:

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Apple TV Teardown Reveals More RAM

As well as launching a new iPad last week, Apple also launched the 3rd generation Apple TV. The new version had a few new features with the main one being that it is now capable of playing back 1080p TV.

A XBMC media center forums decided to take the new ATV apart to see what is different on the insides.

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Raspbery Pi Fedora Remix Download Released

A new Fedora Remix distro download has been released for the Raspberry Pi. The new distro can be downloaded, copied to an SD card and then be used to boot the Raspberry Pi.

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OnLive Desktop Could Hit Problems with Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft is looking at OnLive Desktop at the moment to ensure that the licensing requirements are being met:

We are actively engaged with OnLive with the hope of bringing them into a properly licensed scenario, and we are committed to seeing this issue is resolved.

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Raspberry Pi Hits More Delays

When the Raspberry Pi launched last week the sellers of the device quickly saw stocks depleting as up to 700 people per minute were trying to make orders. Only 10,000 of them were available at launch.

We now hear that the next batch being made has seen some delays due to the manufacturer putting the wrong type of Ethernet port on the device. Instead of using jacks with integrated magnets, they used magnet-less ones. This will require the factory to unsolder and resolder the correct part on.

“All the stock of jacks we believed we had in place and ready to turn into the ethernet ports on your Raspberry Pis turn out not to be the correct part, so we’re having to start again and move through the negotiating/ordering/delivery cycle as fast as we can,”

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How to Make an Invisible Car – (Almost Invisible)

Mercedes has created an almost invisible car to market the latest F-Cell vehicle. To make it almost invisible, the company installed a number of LEDs on one side of the car and then on the other side of the car they fit a camera. The camera on the right of the car took an image which was then displayed on the left side of the car which effectively made it a little invisible.

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Flying Robot Swarm of Quadrotors Play James Bond Theme

The video below shows a number of robot quadrotors flying around a room full of instruments and with them, managing to make a rendition of the James Bond theme.

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Millennium Falcom Stop Motion Build Created in 3DS Max

Take a look at the impressive video below. It is the result of about 18 months of work spread out over about 3 years. It comprises of 3,572,568 polygons which took 670 hours to render.

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