Mars GigaPan image uploaded for your perusal

The image below is a collection of images taken by the Curiosity rover on Mars. The view is 360 degrees and allows you to zoom closely in to rocks and even to the mountain seen in the distance.

The mountain seen in the background is about 12 miles away from where the rover is located now. All images that are stitched together have been taken on a 34mm Mast Camera. In total the image is currently 29,000 pixels across and at the highest it is 7000 pixels. At the moment it is comprised of 130 images although it appears that more are being added. Also, NASA has modified the images so that you are viewing them as though the landscape has the same lighting as we do on Earth.

To view the image above and zoom in to any area you can visit this page. Note that a number of users are convinced that someone has been there before and left bones, Yoda, cars, roads and a CD on the surface. You can view their comments on the link above as well as look at all the various findings. Some are quite entertaining!

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