How to Make an Invisible Car – (Almost Invisible)

Mercedes has created an almost invisible car to market the latest F-Cell vehicle. To make it almost invisible, the company installed a number of LEDs on one side of the car and then on the other side of the car they fit a camera. The camera on the right of the car took an image which was then displayed on the left side of the car which effectively made it a little invisible.

Although the effect is far from perfect it still was good enough to grab the attention of passers by. Ideally passers by wouldn’t even notice it if fully invisible, but as we are not quite at that point in technology just yet this partial invisibility will have to do. Also, it wouldn’t be very good marketing if nobody noticed the car now would it 🙂

The camera on the right side is a Canon 5D Mark II which uses the lens open to capture video.

We don’t expect the actual car (the F-Cell… visible version) to be launched for another few years, but when it arrives we will see a cleaner car that just emits water vapour.

Take a look at the video below to see the crowds reaction to the car driving past:

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