Flying Robot Swarm of Quadrotors Play James Bond Theme

The video below shows a number of robot quadrotors flying around a room full of instruments and with them, managing to make a rendition of the James Bond theme.

To get it working the team behind it used a room fitted with infra-red lights and camera. By putting reflectors on the quadrotors struts the cameras were able to pick up precise locations in 3D of each quadrotor and then sent out instructions to send them to play a note on which ever instrument was needed.

One of the challenges was creating a program that could feed information wirelessly to each quadrotor and adjust its location ready for the next note. It achieves this without getting in the way of any other flying object in the room. I have to ask though, what would happen if a gust of wind went through the room? Probably just a slight adjustment of rotors to get them back on track.

Take a look below to see the robots perform the theme tune:


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