Raspberry Pi Hits More Delays

When the Raspberry Pi launched last week the sellers of the device quickly saw stocks depleting as up to 700 people per minute were trying to make orders. Only 10,000 of them were available at launch.

We now hear that the next batch being made has seen some delays due to the manufacturer putting the wrong type of Ethernet port on the device. Instead of using jacks with integrated magnets, they used magnet-less ones. This will require the factory to unsolder and resolder the correct part on.

“All the stock of jacks we believed we had in place and ready to turn into the ethernet ports on your Raspberry Pis turn out not to be the correct part, so we’re having to start again and move through the negotiating/ordering/delivery cycle as fast as we can,”

Although the problem was found several days ago and acted on immediately, the team behind the Raspberry Pi held off reporting it as they wanted to make sure other parts were correct and that no other delays would be found.

The exact delay isn’t known yet as the team need to source parts and negotiate etc…, but with there already being a several week waiting list we suspect another few weeks or more might be added on top. Hopefully by the middle of the year production will be up to scratch and ordering will be far quicker.


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