e-Ink – The way Forward

As many of you are aware, it is more difficult to read off the screen then it is a book. Electronic Ink (e-ink) is designed to be easier on the eyes because it doesnt use a backlight to show up the pixels on the page. Electronic Paper is designed to reflect light similar to how paper would. This means that in the dark, you wont be able to see it. Electronic Paper also uses little power consumption. Once the pixels are in place they stay there using no power source.

This eBook from E Ink is a real book and not just concept like some others. It is just 5mm thin and has an 800×600 display. As well as display technology it has Bluetooth so that data can be sent from a mobile device, and it also has a built in SD card slot. With E Paper not being able to be used in the dark it has a built in light which can flip out. This book from E-Ink is a nice step forwards to bring paper in to the electronic world.

Via: OhGizmo

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