The New Commodore 64

What you are looking at here is an “official” device from Commodore. It is called The New Commodore 64 and is a retro looking C64 with new insides.

The new Commodore 64 features genuine Cherry brand key switches, which provide a feel much better than the original, with a lovely IBM classic mechanism and click sound. The keys are the exact same shape as the original and are color matched. No expense has been spared.

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Lexar 128GB SDXC Announced

Lexar has announced a couple of new Class 10 SDXC memory cards. Each card runs at up to a 133x speed and the smaller has a 64GB capacity while the larger can store a huge 128GB of data on its small footprint.

Although the cards can cram a lot of data on them, this luxury comes at a price as the larger of the two costs $700 while the smaller costs $400. [Read more…]

Mac App Store Launch Date is January 6

Apple [AAPL] has announced that the Mac App Store will be launching on January 6. The launch will see the app store arrive in 90 countries around the globe and will offer a mixture of paid and free applications.

“The App Store revolutionized mobile apps,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We hope to do the same for PC apps with the Mac App Store by making finding and buying PC apps easy and fun. We can’t wait to get started on January 6.”

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VGA To Be Phased out By 2013

Both Intel and AMD have agreed and announced that they will begin to phase out support for VGA by 2013 and will then put a complete stop to it by 2015.

VGA has been around for a good number of years, but at the same time isn’t used as much as it was in days gone by. HDMI connectors as well as other newer standards have been common place for a few years now, so it was only a matter of time before VGA was officially dropped. [Read more…]

Hitachi 7mm-thick Hard Drive Capacity Increased to 500GB

Hitachi has launched a new hard drive that measures 7mm in thickness and manages to cram 500GB of storage on to the disk inside.

The new drive is a 2.5 inch model and has a spin speed of 5400RPM. The disk is a single platter, which you’d expect on a device this thin. [Read more…]

Google Adds ‘Restore your Contacts’ Feature to Gmail

Gmail has a few handy features such as the ability to add a short delay to sending your email after you hit send. By doing this, you can quickly click on Undo link and the email will not be sent out. Handy for when you address an email to the wrong person which happens time to time.

With the next feature, Google [GOOG] gives you a second chance to restore your contacts that you have purposely or accidentally deleted. Perhaps you deleted a person from your contact list by accident, or perhaps you want to forgive someone. Gmail now lets you roll back your contact list to re-include the deleted contacts. [Read more…]

Photo Print Cost Calculation Tool Created

Printing photos can be an expensive game if you’re not careful. The ever so helpful How To Geek, has created a spreadsheet that lets you calculate if printing photos in store is cheaper than printing in your home.

The spreadsheet requires you enter some details such as the cost of ink, how many prints per cartridge you get (from each color as well as black) and how much it costs to print in-store the amount you want to print. [Read more…]

Gran Turismo Series Sells 60 Million Units

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc has announced that the Gran Turismo franchise has now exceeded 60 million in sales since it first arrived in December 1997. The franchise has now been running for 12 years and 11 months.

Sales are listed in the image below and start with the original that sold 10.78 million copies and moves on to Gran Turismo 2, 3 A-Spec, Concept 2001 Tokyo and on to various Prologue versions and then finally 4 and 5. Total sales have hit 61.41 million. [Read more…]

Google Cloud Print Beta Ready for PC

For those of you using a Windows based PC, ie it has XP, Vista or Windows 7 on it, you’ll now be able to use the Google Cloud Print service (the Beta version of it) to print a test page.

Cloud Print comes just ahead of the Chrome OS launch. What the service does is put all your printer drivers in the cloud which in turn, lets you print a document over the internet to your printer (or any printer you are authorised to print to). [Read more…]

Mac App Store Release Date Could Be December 13

We could be seeing the Apple Mac App Store as early as December 13th. The details come from the AppleTell website who heard information from an inside source at Apple [AAPL].

The reason for this date is that the Mac App Store is believed to be running ahead of schedule.

An inside source has just told us that Apple is targeting a Monday, December 13th launch of the Mac App Store. The company apparently told developers to have their software prepared for a launch as early as Monday the 6th of this month, but our contact would be shocked if that happened at this point.

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Google Chrome 8 Stable Download Now Available

Google [GOOG] has released Chrome 8 to the stable channel which brings the browser up to version 8.0.552.215. To download Google Chrome 8 Stable you’ll need to visit here. The release has also been released on the beta channel.

Some of the main changes on this later version include 800 bug fixes as well as stability improvements. A PDF viewer has also been included and is secured in the Chrome sandbox. [Read more…]

Apple Compact Wired Keyboard Discontinued

Apple has discontinued the compact wired keyboard. This particular keyboard first showed up early in 2009 and was different in that the numberpad had been chopped off the right hand side.

The part number for the keyboard is MB869LL/A and has been removed from Apple’s store although there are still some supplies floating around places such as Amazon where you can grab it for $46.99, $49 now. [Read more…]