Google Adds ‘Restore your Contacts’ Feature to Gmail

Gmail has a few handy features such as the ability to add a short delay to sending your email after you hit send. By doing this, you can quickly click on Undo link and the email will not be sent out. Handy for when you address an email to the wrong person which happens time to time.

With the next feature, Google [GOOG] gives you a second chance to restore your contacts that you have purposely or accidentally deleted. Perhaps you deleted a person from your contact list by accident, or perhaps you want to forgive someone. Gmail now lets you roll back your contact list to re-include the deleted contacts.

Gmail now has an option that lets you roll back up to 30 days. Several options are pre-set such as 10 minutes, 1 hour, yesterday, 1 week and then custom where you can choose any time within the 30 days to get contacts back.

The feature can be activated from your settings menu in Gmail.

Via: Gmail Blog

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