CoPilot Live 8 for Netbooks/Laptops/Android and iPhone on Show

ALK Technologies were demonstrating their latest version of CoPilot Live 8 at CES running on the iPhone, Google Nexus One and a Dell Inspiron 1110 Netbook. Version 8 of the software has been available for several months now, but on display they were showing what they are capable of including what systems they support.

CoPilot Live 8 stores map data on the memory card of your phone meaning that you do not need to rely on a data connection for it to function. This makes navigation a little more reliable for times when the phone lacks signal. At this point other “on-line” navigation programs can fail you.

One of the displays shows CoPilot Live 8 running on the Google Nexus One Android phone. You might wonder why you would need CoPilot on the Nexus One when it already has Google Maps Navigation built in. There’s a couple of reasons… first, only the US have Google Maps Navigation and with the Nexus One being launched in Europe sometime soon, CoPilot is really the main offering at the moment for Android users. Secondly, if you are in a remote area planning a route then you need a signal to be able to download the route on Google Maps Navigation.

Running on the Dell Inspiron 1110 it brings the navigation to a larger screen. It requires you have the GPS unit installed or an external one for it to work, but potentially it could be an option for those not content with a 3 – 4 inch screen.

More details of CoPilot Live 8 can be found at the ALK website.

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