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Android Jelly Bean code shows multiple user accounts coming

One of the problems with modern tablets, which means the iPad and Android variants, is that you are stuck with a single account. If anyone uses your tablet they just load it up to your settings and your personal information. It appears that Google wants to change this by allowing multiple user accounts on the same device.

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ASCII Street View Created

Take a look at the image below which is of the street I live in. It is an ASCII-ised street view image of where I live created with a new real-time service that was created by Peter Nitsch.

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Nexus 7 dock and case leaked

New accessories for the Nexus 7 have leaked. These include a new dock that makes use of the POGO pins on the side of the device as well as a new case for the device.

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Nokia launching 808 PureView in the UK next week

The Nokia 808 PureView smartphone will be going on sale next week in the UK. The 808 PureView is unique due to the size of the camera sensor which is capable of capturing 41 megapixels.

Although carriers will not be offering the device on contract, it will be made available at Clove and will be sold for £499.99 inc VAT.

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Google Nexus 7 16GB back in stock at Google Play

Shortly after the launch of the Nexus 7 tablet, Google sold out of the 16GB model and took pre-orders for it off line. Loading up the store we now see that it is back in stock with an estimated delivery time of 3 – 5 business days. This time frame also matches the less popular 8GB model. The link above is for the UK model although the same delivery time can be found on the US store as well.

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Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 launching October 26

Microsoft has confirmed that the Microsoft Surface is launching on October 26. This is the same day as the Windows 8 launch:

“The next version of our operating system, Windows 8, will be generally available on October 26, 2012. At that time, we will begin selling the Surface, a series of Microsoft-designed and manufactured hardware devices,”

Although Microsoft has mentioned before that Surface would launch at the same time as Windows 8, there was no official confirmation in writing as the last report just indicated Windows 8 for that specific date.

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Mac OS X Mountain Lion reaches 3 million downloads in four days

Apple announced that OS X Mountain Lion is its most popular operating system in terms of how many downloads have occurred since launch a few days ago.

“Just a year after the incredibly successful introduction of Lion, customers have downloaded Mountain Lion over three million times in just four days, making it our most successful release ever,”

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10 Inch BlackBerry PlayBook leaked

Pictures of a 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook have been leaked. The new tablet has been rumoured for a few months now although no official details are known about the device. It looks like a larger version of the regular 7 inch PlayBook although the aspect ratio of the screen looks to be a little different, perhaps 3:2 instead of 10:6.

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iPhone 5 event rumoured for September 12 with September 21 launch

The next iPhone is getting closer, perhaps closer than originally expected as we hear that there will be an event planned for September 12 with a launch of September 21 for the device. Although some are referring to it as the iPhone 5, it will likely be called just iPhone or the new iPhone to move away from numbers. It will actually be the 6th generation phone.

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Google Nexus 7 gets CyanogenMod 10 Port

The Google Nexus 7 tablet now has a port of CyanogenMod 10 available. Although the new tablet ships with the latest operating system, CM10 brings a number of customisations to the OS.

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Google Earth update for iPhone/iPad brings 3D to some locations

Google has just beaten Apple to launching 3D maps on the iPhone and iPad by releasing an update for Google Earth. The new version is 7.0 and it brings with it several updates one of which is 3D imagery for some cities around the world.

Google Maps were originally used on the iPhone and still are until iOS 6 launches later this year. At that point, Apple will use its own 3D mapping features. Google Earth has been available as an app for a few years now but this is the first time that 3D cities have been available in the app.

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iPhone prototypes from 2006 revealed

The picture above shows prototypes of the iPhone. They were made around 2006 (a year before the iPhone launched). The one on the right looks more Nokia esq while the one on the left looks similar to what the iPhone 4S looks like now.

We are not sure why Apple went for the original iPhone (3G/3GS) design if they already had an iPhone 4/4S design available but we assume that it was related to the technology advances at the time not quite allowing the 4 to be thin enough to look good and retain a decent battery life. Hence, they went with the original iPhone design with the slightly bulging back on it to squeeze a battery in.

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