10 Inch BlackBerry PlayBook leaked

Pictures of a 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook have been leaked. The new tablet has been rumoured for a few months now although no official details are known about the device. It looks like a larger version of the regular 7 inch PlayBook although the aspect ratio of the screen looks to be a little different, perhaps 3:2 instead of 10:6.

Some internal details were also found out by Tinhte. The details include the battery which is 26.82Whr in capacity which puts it at a similar size to the iPad 2. It also is 3G (perhaps 4G) capable and has a SIM card slot (possibly micro SIM). Other than that, not much else is known. RIM hasn’t spoken about the new tablet yet and it could end up being just a prototype that is pictured above and one which doesn’t make it to production.

If it does, expect to see it sometime next year.


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